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Car Shopping Made Easy

Are you in the market for a new (to you) vehicle? Are you overwhelmed thinking about the buying process? You are not alone. Large purchases, such as a vehicle, can be intimidating. The best thing you can do is educate yourself about your options.

Luckily, in today’s information-economy, we all have a lot of information at our fingertips to help us make a purchasing decision. One excellent resource is Consumer Reports, where drivers can browse ratings, reviews, and articles about any model that interests them. Another excellent resource is the J.D. Power site, where the organization polls owners for input about their vehicles. CarGurus, available as both a website and an app, is a helpful, portable tool that you can take with you and narrow your search while you’re test driving your options.

It’s important to decide what is personally most important to you when it comes to a vehicle’s features. The most expensive, or largest, option is not always the best option for you. Perhaps safety features are important to you because you transport your loved ones places. Little extras like a rearview camera or blind spot monitoring can boost your confidence on the road. Or maybe gas mileage tops your list of priorities because you put a lot of miles on your car for your job.  Luxury accessories, such as lumbar support and heated seats, are usually worth the price for certain lifestyles. Create a list to identify what’s important to you, and perform your search based on that criteria.

Armed with your wish list and your research, the buying process is much less intimidating. Finally, take your time when deciding what to buy, and be sure to pack some patience for the buying process. Enjoy your new wheels!

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