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Your Kids Can Eat Healthy, Too

If you spend any time at all browsing Pinterest for recipes that your kids will actually eat, you probably feel like everyone else’s kids have never been in a drive through at dinner time. But nobody posts their drive-through dinners, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t spend a lot of time carefully crafting a homemade meal every night of the week. The good news: even if you only eat at home every other night, your kids can still eat relatively healthy too.

More good news: eating healthy doesn’t always have to depend on what is served at the dinner table. We have all heard about the importance of breakfast, and it’s true. Beginning the day with good choices actually encourages more good choices throughout the day. The same holds true for snack time too. You can teach your kids that healthy snacks are in fact delicious, and they don’t derail their healthier meal choices.

Another good idea is to get your kids involved in their meals. The sense of ownership makes them more inclined to try new things. And pride in a job well done will make them want even more involvement in the future. This includes creating menus and shopping lists, assisting with grocery shopping, growing their own garden, and meal prepping. It’s also a good idea to teach them how to read food labels.

Not all healthy eating habits are about food. Some others to consider include:

  • Set a good example
  • Motivate them with rewards other than food
  • Decrease screen time
  • Encourage an overall healthy living attitude that includes activity
  • Swap juice and sodas for water

The benefits of healthy eating don’t stop at the scale. A healthy diet also translates into increased energy and better mental clarity. It also thwarts a multitude of health problems and increases their self-esteem. Additionally, sitting down to a family meal increases communication, provides stability, and offers you the opportunity to bond with your children.

Feel free to contact us if you need healthy meal ideas for your whole family. We’d be happy to help you.

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