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Inexpensive Fun in Louisville For Kids

Going out with kids can be an expensive endeavor. However, there’s plenty of inexpensive fun in Louisville that offers wholesome, enjoyable entertainment – some at no cost! Wherever you end up going, you’re sure to have a great, family-friendly time. Whether it’s a walk in the park or an indoor adventure you want, see below for a list of priceless Inexpensive fun in Louisville.

Enjoy Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the architect who also designed Central Park in New York City. You can go for a simple walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or you can take advantage of the areas reserved for biking, fishing, tennis, basketball, or golf. In addition, there are picnic tables and a picnic shelter.

Enjoy Art at a Museum

There are two free art museums in Louisville: The 21c Museum Hotel and the Speed Art Museum (free on Sundays).

The 21c Museum is more geared towards contemporary art. It has a gold replica of Michelangelo that is twice the size of the original. There are plenty of strange, interesting pieces in this museum, making it a fun place to get a look at the weirder side of Louisville.

The Speed Art Museum will be free on Sundays until March 2021. The art here is more ancient, so those who have more traditional, historical tastes in art will find more to enjoy here. The exhibitions come from all over the world, from African to Native American to European to American art. There are also a few contemporary art and photography exhibitions as well.

Go to a Nature Center

The Louisville Nature Center offers free exploration of the nature preserve, including the butterfly garden. There are also educational activities for children located in the indoor museum. This is a 41-acre forest, located in the middle of Louisville. There’s something to enjoy for the whole family here!

Take a Walk on the Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that links Kentucky and Indiana. Here you get a good day of both exercise and sightseeing. Standing on the bridge lets you take in the beauty of the Ohio River. If you go at night, the bridge will be lit by an LED lighting system. The bridge is open all day, so you can go whenever you please.

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