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Helping Seniors Stay in Touch with the Outside World

One of the many challenges of aging is the loss of mobility. A senior citizen’s world shrinks significantly once they no longer have basic transportation. One way to combat this is to bring the world to your loved one through websites like, which provides views of hundreds of locations worldwide. No matter your loved one’s interest, they are sure to find something intriguing on this site. Webcams range from footage of whales in the Pacific to cat rescue facilities across the United States. Perhaps the best part of this new-found hobby is the cost: it’s free.

Activities like this prevent boredom, improve mood, reduce agitation and anxiety, and improve the quality of life overall. Keeping your senior engaged in things outside of their four walls, even if they rarely travel, is important to their mental health.

It’s also important to keep them connected with caregivers, family and friends. If frequent visits to the home or assisted living facility are not feasible, simply sharing photos and videos can broaden their world. Show them video of your cousin climbing Machu Picchu. Bring photos of your son’s African safari. Scroll through friends and family members’ Facebook feeds. Video chatting is so simple these days that most smartphones have an app that you can teach your loved one to use. Then they can call any family member, any time, and see a smiling face when it’s needed most. 

Enjoying the world outside the home doesn’t have to mean you cross the globe. A short trip to the library or going out for ice cream can be managed when planned according to your loved one’s needs and limitations and it’s easy to hire a caregiver to take them to do all of these tasks. Even if something small is not an option, there are plenty of ways to keep your senior engaged, such as volunteering their time to others less fortunate than them.

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