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Generational Elder Boom Means Future Caregiver Shortage

Currently, there are two generations that are severely impacting the workforce – the large generation of elderly citizens, and young workers. A family in Maine just had to take on the responsibility of caring for their 82-year-old loved one because of a shortage of home caregivers and little promise of gaining new ones. 

The population of retired Americans is expanding simultaneously with the lessening numbers of young workers. This correlation has started to impact states across the country and will only worsen across the next decade. Maine and Kentucky are two states already feeling the shockwaves. In Maine, about one-fifth of citizens are considered elderly, which foreshadows the events to come in the rest of the United States. Statistics show that in states with fewer immigrants, this problem is more prominent. Immigrants are responsible for a large number of positions caring for the elderly. 

Within the next three decades, the senior population is expected to increase by more than 40 millions. In order to serve this coming demographic, experts recommend revising the elderly workforce in order to accommodate for the large population in need and their families. Senior citizens have a variety of medical and personal needs that deserve to be taken care of, but at this point, especially in states like Maine, there just are not enough caregivers to fill the hours. 

Congress is studying the problem and working to find a solution, however, this issue needs more attention that it has been given so far. The number of open caregiver jobs, the need for caregivers across the United States, and the price of elderly caregivers are all increasing rapidly. 

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