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Common Medicare & Health Insurance Scams

Far too many seniors fall prey to Medicare and health insurance scams by scammers who are  just looking to make a quick buck. Every year the number of older adults being tricked continues to grow. Check out these common Medicare scams so you can avoid falling for one yourself!

If you are a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident over the age of 65, then it is safe to say you qualify for Medicare. Scammers know this!  It is very common for a scammer to pose as a Medicare representative for seniors in order to gain access to your personal identification information. Once they have access to this information, they can and do access bank accounts and other important identifiable details.

In some cases, Medicare scammers have been known to use makeshift medical centers or mobile clinics to target vulnerable seniors. They will trick an older adult by providing fake services to get your personal information. With that information, they can bill Medicare for these so-called services and pocket the money. This scam can be very hard on your wallet and ultimately can impact your health as no legitimate care was provided to you.  

Medicare and health insurance scams are some of the largest scams involving seniors. The most common of these scams include billing Medicare and/or health insurance for services that were never delivered, billing your loved ones for unnecessary services or treatments, or even posing as a Medicare representative. 

We urge seniors and their loved ones to protect their Medicare Identification Number as they would their banking information, credit card number or even as much as their social security number. Do not let anyone else have access to your Medicare Identification Number. Additionally, be wary of anyone trying to sell you anything claiming to be a Medicare Representative or saying something must be paid for by Medicare. Review all of your statements and be sure to report any suspicious activity. 

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