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Protect Yourself And Your Savings

Financial scams litter the internet, and are often considered the “Crime of the 21st Century.” These scams range from false government agencies or lottery prizes to impersonating family members to get money. Unfortunately, most financial scams remain unreported and are hard to prosecute, causing them to be a low-risk crime. Internet scams leave a detrimental impact, and often target seniors as they are generally more trusting online and have money sitting in their accounts. The Financial Protection Bureau advises to stay up to date on strategies to help seniors protect themselves and their savings.

Popular Scams

Identity theft is a popular scam among seniors that involves forfeiting personal information to an impersonator. Typically,  people or groups will pose as a government agency. However, a government agency would never ask for personal or financial information over the phone. Another common situation targeting seniors is unknown telephone numbers claiming to be a child or grandparent in a desperate situation. If this happens, ask to call back, then contact another family member to make sure the telephone call is legitimate. It is crucial to never extend personal or financial information over the phone or online if the source is not known. 

A common scam that often impacts seniors is a person pretending to be a healthcare agent over the phone. The scammer could be selling false healthcare services, or asking elders for personal information. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, it is critical to educate seniors and caregivers on proper scam prevention techniques. At ElderCare 4 Families we put our caregivers through intense yearly trainings to be able to recognize scams like this.

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