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Legal Requirements for Caregivers

At ElderCare 4 Families, our expertise lies within finding exceptional caregivers to serve families in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding metro areas and Southern Indiana. Our process of hiring caregivers was created with the intention of selecting the most trustworthy, reliable candidates. In order to do this, all applicants must first be screened and be following the legal requirements for caregivers.

When a caregiver applies to ElderCare, we screen for the following criteria:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Driving History
  • Drug Usage 
  • Adult Misconduct
  • Sexual Abuse/Sex Offender 

The Screening Process

Families hiring private caregivers may personally screen using any criteria of their choice, or aspiring caregivers will be screened through an agency. The team at ElderCare 4 Families personally screens each application that has been submitted. Next, our recruiter will follow up with an in-depth interview.

For clients and their families, we are happy to provide more specific details about the screening process.

Criminal and automotive background checks are the next part of the legal discussion. A caregiver applicant must be prepared to release checks in every state they have lived in for the past five to seven years. When a caregiver applies to ElderCare 4 Families, we run criminal and background checks in every state they have lived in the past seven years before being hired. 

If a family chooses to privately hire a caregiver, they have more freedom to allow certain convictions. However, at an agency such as ElderCare, we are required to follow the state legal regulations for caregivers. Because of this, we do not hire felons, and we look deeply into misdemeanors for the sake of the elderly client whose home this caregiver would be in. 

ElderCare 4 Families takes the pre-hire screening process particularly seriously. This practice is done solely to live up to our motto: We care the most. We hire the best.

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ElderCare 4 Families is happy to help provide elder care to seniors you know wherever they call home. Complimentary assessments are offered with no obligation by Elder Care, Personalized care is offered from 1 hour up to 24//7. With over 39 years of elderly care experience in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area, trust Elder Care to care for the seniors in your life. Call us at 502-244-8446 to start receiving elder care services in Louisville.

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