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Hiring In-Home Non-Medical Caregivers

Non-Medical Caregiver Experiences

Robert C. and his late wife made a pact to remain at each others’ side until it was no longer possible. When Robert’s wife inevitably passed away, Rita Pate, owner of ElderCare 4 Families, visited him at the nursing home. As she walked in his room, Robert stated in gratitude, “This is the woman that allowed me and the love of my life to stay together until our very last day.”

Rita operates Eldercare 4 Families with her husband, Jeff. Together, they have hired a cohort of caregivers to handle everyday life situations beyond medical responsibilities. Robert described his experience with his caregivers as:

“I called ElderCare when my family advised me to put my wife in a nursing home. It was the best thing I ever did. They sent me wonderful caregivers who fixed some meals, helped my wife take a bath, and took us to doctors appointments so I wouldn’t have to bother my children. Without ElderCare, my wife and I would have been separated.”

Along with being wonderful, they are also companions, planners, organizers, and friends. Each client’s situation and needs are diverse, so how does the ElderCare team find the appropriate non-medical caregivers, such as in Robert’s case, to create such positive experiences for our clients?

Hiring non-medical caregivers is an important step in the ageing process. Usually, it is up to the children to determine whether they would like to go through an agency or private caregivers. ElderCare has been working alongside families through this process since 1981. 

The Caregiver Hiring Process 

The structure of the non-medical caregiver hiring process can be broken into five essential components:

  1. Legal Requirements
  2. Training & Supervision
  3. Emergencies
  4. Taxes & Finances
  5. Matching Caregiver and Client

At ElderCare 4 Families, it is our responsibility to ensure all elderly clients are aligned with exceptional, trusted caregivers. All you need to do is reach out and ask. 

Contact Elder Care

ElderCare 4 Families is happy to help provide elder care to seniors you know wherever they call home. Complimentary assessments are offered with no obligation by Elder Care, Personalized care is offered from 1 hour up to 24//7. With over 39 years of elderly care experience in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area, trust Elder Care to care for the seniors in your life. Call us at 502-244-8446 to start receiving elder care services in Louisville.

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