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Top 5 Medical Apps For Seniors

At times it feels like technology is changing more and more every day. At times it can be overwhelming to keep track with all of the new apps and devices that are always coming out. However, with this technology comes lots of great benefits, including even potentially better health. Here are 5 great medical apps for seniors that can greatly improve your health and make keeping track of it easier. 

Medisafe – Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker

Studies show that 50% do not take their medications based on the doctor’s regimen. This could be for a variety of reasons, but Medisafe is top-rated by doctors, pharmacists, and patients alike. This app can be used to set reminders to help take medications on time, get refills, track dosages and prescriptions, manage your appointment calendar, and much more! This app is perfect for seniors who want to enjoy spending time with loved ones rather than spend time worrying about whether or not they remembered to take their medications.

Blood Pressure 

Monitoring your blood pressure and health management have been made much easier thanks to the Blood Pressure app. This app can be used to save and record medical records, access a variety of progress charts and data, and interact with other users. You can even easily share any data on the app with your doctor. It is easier now than ever for seniors to keep track of their own health. 


When the cost of prescriptions becomes too much, GoodRx comes in handy. Seniors can save up to 80% on prescription costs with access to discounts, sales, coupons, and more. Perfect for the senior on a budget!


The WebMD app is one of the most versatile medical apps there is. Do everything from researching symptoms and getting diagnoses, finding doctors and specialists in your area, and even get discounts on prescriptions. WebMD is a must have app for seniors. It’s like having a doctor wherever you go. 


We all face stress, and the reality is it can affect the health of senior citizens more than anyone. With StressScan you can monitor your stress and ensure your own health and safety no matter what. Just place a finger over the camera for two minutes, and StressScan will analyze changes in your heart rate interval and scientifically measure the level of your mental and physical stress on a scale of 1 to 100.

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