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10 Apps That Make Life Easier for Seniors

As we age, even the simplest tasks can become more and more difficult. However the good news is that your cellphone’s App Store is brimming with helpful tools and software that is geared to make everyday life easier. Apps for seniors can help with a number of personal needs including everything from brain training to grocery shopping. These benefits can be downloaded in minutes on any smartphone! Here are 10 apps that will make life easier for seniors. 


With over 1,000 levels of word puzzles and offered in fifteen languages, WordBrain provides endless entertainment and also mental stimulation that keep seniors’ brains working sharp and efficiently.  Not only is this app very entertaining for people of all ages, this app is also educational and can assist in memory care, making many tasks easier for seniors as they age.

Lumosity: Brain Training

The Lumosity Brain Training does just what it says; it trains brains to be sharper and more efficient. Once you download the app, you will take a short Fit Test to set your initial cognitive score. Users can compare their score with others in their age range, and then begin the interactive cognitive training program on Lumosity! This app is an easy and accessible way to maintain brain function that will greatly help senior citizens in their daily lives. Along with WordBrain, this app makes everything easier by helping to improve the user’s mental productivity. 


With the NPR app, seniors can stay up to date on current events, popular topics, and interesting people. Whether this be by listening to a podcast or reading an informative article, seniors can use the NPR app to easily stay informed on current events and much more. It is an excellent app for seniors to stay informed and connected, no matter where their interests lie.


Sherish is a photo sharing app designed with seniors in mind. It is a new and simple way to keep track of and share family photos. Through this app, a private network of up to 50 family members and friends can collect and upload family photos from their phone, or even  from physical albums they may have. Seniors can then conveniently view a slideshow on their TV containing pictures of loved ones, whether they be new pictures they are seeing for the first time, or old ones containing precious memories. This app allows seniors to feel closer to their families,  as well as give seniors in care facilities a good way to spend their free time. The Sherish app is currently optimized to be used in senior living communities but an in-home care version is on the way. 

Magnifier Plus

As we age, so does our eyesight. This can impact situations like reading a restaurant menu, product label, or reading the newspaper. Magnifier Plus is a digital magnifying glass designed as a solution for those with vision impairment. This app allows seniors to see the world up close no matter where they are. 


The AARP is an organization that has done a lot for seniors in the past, and thanks to this app, it is easier now than ever for seniors to keep up with AARP benefits, and stay connected and active in their communities. This app for seniors provides access to news articles, event notifications, and even neighborhood discounts. The AARP Now app helps seniors make the most of their golden years in many different ways. 


Mint is a money management app used to manage finances through a very organized interface. This financial app provides a variety of services such as bill tracking, budgeting, and credit reports. Mint gives seniors an easy way to track all of their assets in the palm of their hand. 


The Uber app allows seniors to get rides: anywhere, anytime. Simply download the app, and make an account and seniors will have an easy to use ridesharing service that can take them almost anywhere without needing a car or even the ability to drive. Drivers get ratings based on friendliness, safety, and other factors, so you can make sure you are in good hands no matter where you go. 


Even a simple task like a trip to the grocery store can be very difficult, even daunting for some seniors. But with the Instacart app, you can have others do your grocery shopping for you. After you download the app, simply select the items you want from your favorite local grocer, and someone will not only retrieve the items for you, but  bring them right to your door. 

Amazon Shopping

With the Amazon Shopping app, there are millions of items available to you in the palm of your hand. Many items can be shipped in only one day. The Amazon Prime app allows seniors to get virtually anything they need with the simple click of a button, as one click ordering is available for many items. Amazon allows for shopping that is easier and faster than ever before.

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