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Alzheimer’s Disease Care Tips

Use the following Alzheimer’s Disease Care Tips to properly communicate and provide elder care services for Alzheimer’s patients:

  • Never argue – instead agree. This is their reality and the caregiver must live in their reality.
  • Never reason – instead divert.
  • Never shame – instead distract.
  • Never lecture – instead reassure.
  • Never say “Remember” – instead say “let’s reminisce”.
  • Never say “I told you” – instead repeat/regroup.
  • Never say “ You can’t” – instead do things they can do.
  • Never command/demand – instead ask/model.
  • Never condescend – instead encourage, praise, and/or compliment.
  • Never force – instead reinforce and/or recommend.
  • Never shout – speak in an “inside voice”, keep things simple, speak slowly and use humor if appropriate
  • Always make a positive difference in their lives. Engage them and give them 100% of your attention.
  • Always offer two choices. For example, “Would you like to take a walk or watch a movie? Would you like a hot or cold drink?”
  • Always approach the client from the front so you will not startle them.
  • Always converse with clients at their eye level. Do not stand above them and look down or be below them and look up.
  • Always use their preferred name when speaking with them.
  • Always stay attentive to the clients as they may have issues with their walking/gait and balance. They often have a staggered step similar to a Parkinson’s shuffle and are often using a rolling walker (rollator) or mobility aide. They often tend to get up quickly from a seated position, forget to use their walker and are at risk for a fall. Please keep the walker or mobility aide nearby at all times. If they try to get up without their walker, make sure you get to them quickly and offer a stand by assist getting their walker to them immediately. 
  • Always pay close attention to clients during meals to make sure they do not try to grab food off other people’s plates or trays. This is an especially common trait, so caregivers must always stay alert. Please offer a bib for eating if needed. Please encourage fluids and small bites and offer to cut their food or feed them if needed. Please gently and kindly remind them to eat slowly and swallow their food if needed. If a client does not eat their meal, please suggest and offer snacks and protein drinks throughout the day. If their clothes are soiled after eating, please kindly suggest they change clothes and assist as needed.
  • Always offer and encourage toileting every 2 hours throughout the day, both before and after meals, when awakening from naps and before bedtime. Toileting is suggested for the comfort and well being of the resident as well as preventing caregivers from dealing with clients who may have a toileting accident causing embarrassment and clean-up.
  • Always focus on the client’s feelings. Do not focus on what you believe to be fact. Instead focus on the client’s feelings. At all times you should work to prevent anxiety and agitation. You should work to decrease the noise level and engage in a calming activity.
  • Always alert facility staff (if a client is in a facility) if there is a change in a client’s condition. The best time to inform the staff is when taking a break or when leaving the shift. 
  • Always alert the staff when you are going on a break at a facility. Alert the staff when you are leaving your shift if the client does not have another ElderCare 4 Families attending to his/her needs too.

Activity Ideas:

  • Go with them for a walk
  • Go get them a snack
  • Sing a song
  • Look through old photos
  • Watch an old movie or TV show
  • Read to them or with them 
  • Listen to music
  • Visit with the facility’s/family’s pet
  • Make a collage from magazines
  • Read papers, poems, and/or magazines with/to them
  • Read a letter out loud
  • Color and/or paint
  • Cut out cards or make cards
  • Sort objects
  • Look out windows and discuss what you see
  • Play a game or do a simple puzzle
  • Dance
  • Make simple crafts
  • Write a letter
  • Give a manicure or hand massage with lotion
  • Talk about famous events
  • Go outside
  • Play bingo
  • Put lotion on legs or back
  • Participate in activities
  • Paint finger/toe nails

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