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Devices That Help With Hearing Impairments

Here are a Few Hearing Devices to Consider:

Traditional hearing aids: The cost is higher, but they come with more bells and whistles, are fitted to the ear, and require physician and audiology exams to attain. Depending on the needs, these can cost upwards of $5,000 per ear. More typically in the $3,000 range per ear.

Hearing devices: Recently made available over-the-counter (OTC), these are what you would expect from a middle-market product. Companies that sell them have audiologists on staff, but customers don’t necessarily have an exam. The price of these is between traditional hearing aids and the coming OTC aids. Average starting price is around $699.

OTC hearing aids: These will provide hearing amplification without any special features and without a doctor’s exam. These are expected to be priced, in some cases, under $100 per ear.

Smart speakers Alexa or Siri reside in 25% of American homes. •

SpeakSee: This is a speech-to-text app that is designed to help people with hearing loss participate in conversations. Makers say it is the first technology specifically of this kind. It would be particularly helpful in noisy restaurants, for instance.

Captioned Telephone technology: This no-cost service*, available 24/7, is offered by Hamilton® CapTel® and allows users to listen and read captions of what’s said directly on the screen of a CapTel phone. Qualified users can get a Hamilton CapTel phone at no cost** with complimentary installation support.

Appointment Scheduling Aids: This will enable people to make doctor or hospital appointments through voice-first technology.

Express Scripts: This existing technology is expected to expand its reach in 2020. It allows consumers to check on the status of their prescriptions.

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