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A Senior’s Guide to Emojis

Emojis may seem simple enough, but sometimes their meanings can be confusing. To help you understand what these little faces mean, we’ve compiled a list of 10 commonly used emojis and what they actually mean. Enjoy!


Face with Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 13.3

While it looks like this emoji is crying, it is actually showing tears of laughter. If you see this emoji, it means the sender is laughing or finds something funny.


Smiling Face with Sunglasses on Apple iOS 13.3

The sunglasses emoji is supposed to be “cool.” This emoji is used to show that the sender is relaxed, not worried, or wants to convey that something is “cool”, which is just another way of saying “good”. This is our personal favorite of the senior’s guide to emojis.


Grimacing Face on Apple iOS 13.3

This emoji looks like a smiley face at first, but it actually has a very different meaning. When someone sends this emoji, it means something is “cringey” which simply it means it is awkward, embarrassing, or just unpleasant in general.

Winky Face

Winking Face on Apple iOS 13.3

The winky face emoji is used in many different scenarios. In general winks are supposed to represent flirting, but a wink emoji usually conveys mischief or playfulness. For example, you might see this emoji when someone is teasing you or has a surprise. 

Eye roll

Face with Rolling Eyes on Apple iOS 13.3

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but an eye roll emoji shows that the sender is annoyed by something. For example, someone might use this emoji when they are stuck in traffic or they forgot something.

Heart Eyes

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes on Apple iOS 13.3

The heart eyes emoji shows that the sender is in love, infatuated, or very happy about something. It can be used in many different scenarios, anything from getting a new car or pet, to the weather being nice outside. 

Thinking Face

Thinking Face on Apple iOS 13.3

This emoji is used when the sender is confused, skeptical, or trying to figure something out. Can be used in a serious or joking manner. 

Upside Down Smiley Face

Upside-Down Face on Apple iOS 13.3

The upside down smiley face is one of the most confusing emojis, but in general it means the sender is upset about something, but in a not too serious way. It can be used in most of the same ways that the eyeroll emoji can be but can also be used to represent sarcasm. 

Huff and Puff

Face with Steam From Nose on Apple iOS 13.3

This emoji represents someone huffing and puffing like they’re angry. Usually used in a negative way but can sometimes be used jokingly. When someone uses this emoji, they are often very mad or upset about something, but it can also mean someone is empowered or hardworking.


Nerd Face on Apple iOS 13.3

This emoji is supposed to represent a nerd or a geek. This emoji means the sender is supposed to be conveying that they’re smart or knowledgeable in a humorous way. For example, someone might use this emoji when they learn a fun fact, or figure something out.

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