Senior Safety Checklist For Fall Maintenance

Check smoke detectors and change batteries as necessary. Have the HVAC cleaned and serviced each fall. Have family or hired help remove all leaves from lawns and gutters. Check fireplaces to insure they are free of debris and working properly prior to using. Metro 311 will send the fire department to change seniors batteries and smoke detectors in the Louisville area.  For Indiana, call your nearest fire department to see if they offer these services. 

Senior Safety Checklist For Fall Maintenance During Covid-19

Call Your Local Health Department

Your local health department can help you determine whether it is safe to have maintenance providers in your home. Give your health department a call to check your counties current exposure rate. They will be able to assist you with advice on safety.

Pay Ahead!

Before the provider arrives to complete service, try to coordinate all the payment over the phone or online. A caregiver can assist with this process making it easier on you! If you have any special instructions for the company, be sure to call them ahead of time to let them know over the phone.

Limit Your Interactions & Maintain social distancing.

If you or a caregiver can block off the area that needs serviced it will limit possible transmission of the virus. Make sure you limit your interactions with the service provider and set yourself up with an activity in a different part of the house or outside if weather permits. Even though you are in your own home, keeping a safe six foot distance between you and the service provider can help protect and limit Covid-19 exposure. 

Ask If They Have Been Exposed.

Before you allow a service provider into your home, ask if that person or anyone in their household has experienced any COVID-19 symptoms or if they’ve recently been exposed. If the answer is yes, cancel the service appointment and reschedule at a later time. It is not worth the risk! Make sure you ask BEFORE they enter your home!

Everyone Should Wear Masks.

In order to reduce your risk of exposure, it is best practice to have all parties wear their masks.  This will limit the transmission of the coronavirus.

Open Windows For Ventilation

As an extra precaution, keep air moving by opening up your windows to allow for more air circulation. If you cannot manage to open your windows then turn on your A/C.

Contact Elder Care

We hope our Senior Safety Checklist For Fall Maintenance During Covid-19 will help you feel safer when hiring service providers. If you have any questions regarding senior care, ElderCare 4 Families is happy to help provide elder care to seniors you know wherever they call home. Complimentary assessments are offered with no obligation by Elder Care, Personalized care is offered from 1 hour up to 24//7. With over 39 years of elderly care experience in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area, trust Elder Care to care for the seniors in your life. Call us at 502-244-8446 to start receiving Eldercare services in Louisville.

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