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Container Gardening Activity For Seniors

Who doesn’t love a beautiful container garden of plants or flowers? Container gardening is a great activity to do with seniors. Container Gardening is quite simply growing herbs, vegetables or plants in pots, containers or patio urn. 

How To Create A Container Garden

To create a beautiful container garden, choose your container. Containers should be chosen based on space, style and budgets. 

Choose your number of plants based on your container. For ornamental plant containers, a 12-14 inch container can hold 3-4 plants, a 14-16” container – 5-7 plants and a 16-20” – 6-9 plants. It is often recommended to plan in odd numbers. 

Consider the look you want to create when choosing your plants.To create a beautiful container for your porch, first consider a plant that adds height, drama or vertical effect. Secondly, have a filler plant that is rounded and makes the container look fuller. Lastly, add a trailing plant that will hang over the edges such as sweet potato vines. 

Add rocks and potting soil for drainage. 

Plant items a few inches below the rim of the container. 

Monitor moisture and consider a saucer under the container for water overflow. Enjoy your Container Garden creation!

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