10 Signs That an Older Adult May Need Help

At ElderCare4Families, we know that there are many reasons that older adults seek care. There is no one predictor for why someone may need a caregiver, but if you or a senior loved one fulfill any of the reasons below, then you may need to consider partnering with ElderCare4Families to get the care that is needed. 

1. They Are Becoming Forgetful

For many people, growing old can take a toll on one’s mental health, and, unfortunately, this can come in the form of issues such as short-term memory loss that can make daily life frustrating. If it is frequent, it may be a sign of Alzheimer’s or dementia

Caregivers can help keep on top of things, such as making sure that daily medications are being taken and that commitments are being kept, such as a lunch outing with a friend. 

2. They Barely Go Outside

Some people are naturally homebodies, but avoidant behavior can be a sign that an older adult is struggling. 

3. They Lose Their Balance Often

As we grow older, a bad fall can cause a lot of trouble for someone. When climbing the stairs or even taking a walk can be demanding, it may be time to consider reaching out to a caregiver. 

4. They Have Trouble Meeting Basic Needs

This can be hard to detect, or it may not. Be attentive when you are around your senior loved one. 

A spare kitchen can be a sign of food insecurity, or perhaps just trouble getting to the grocery. 

5. They Do Not Socialize Often

Sometimes, this is due to friends passing away, but other times it can be a sign of a deeper loneliness that a caregiver may be able to alleviate. 

6. They Avoid Things They Used to Enjoy

This one does not always signal a lack of interest in a past hobby. In fact, the older adult may very well still enjoy doing the same things, only they feel physically or mentally incapable of doing them without assistance. 

This is where a caregiver can come in, providing the assistance necessary to continue enjoying what life has to offer, despite any age-related obstacles. 

7. Poor Hygiene

A caregiver can help ensure that an older adult is staying clean and healthy from day to day, which can be instrumental in keeping an older adult happy and engaged with life. 

8. Trouble Driving

This can be an area that not only helps the older adult, but other people on the road as well. 

A caregiver can drive the older adult around, ensuring a greater degree of safety without sacrificing the freedom to travel around town. 

9. Untidy Home

There could be any reason for this, but sometimes, the explanation is fatigue: It is tiring to clean the house. A caregiver can step in and take care of many chores, creating a cleaner and healthier environment. 

10. Unpaid Bills

This may speak to financial issues, or it may speak to forgetfulness, but either way, when an older adult has a stack of unpaid bills on the counter, it is time to intervene and make sure that they are financially secure or need help paying the bills.

Find the Care That Is Right for You or Your Senior Loved One

With ElderCare4Families, you are sure to be matched with a caregiver who will be the perfect fit in you or your loved one’s life. Give us a call today or get in contact with us on our website, and we will be sure to help you meet your needs or answer any questions

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