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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Services

When it comes to caring for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it can be tough considering available options and making important care decisions. Are you  grappling with a new diagnosis and may not be sure where to begin?  Have you seen some decline in cognitive ability or activities of daily living with your loved one and considering the idea of additional care?  If you live in Louisville, Southern Indiana, and the surrounding counties, ElderCare 4 Families is here to support you with non-medical, in-home care services.

Characterized by memory loss, cognitive decline, unstable mood, and general confusion, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and accounts for 60-80% of diagnosed cases. Demand for “memory care” and related support services is increasing rapidly. This increase means it’s more important than ever to carefully scrutinize in-home care agencies and aging services for high standards and exceptional reputations. ElderCare 4 Families is family owned and operated, proudly offering 40 years of compassionate, elder care experience.  

Deciding what type of care your loved one requires is likely one of your first steps in the journey. ElderCare 4 Families provides both Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and personal care providers for your loved one’s needs. Our nine-step hiring process, Safe 4 Hire, goes the extra mile to locate and screen trustworthy, dependable caregivers who are ready to provide extraordinary care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our complimentary assessment allows us to meet your loved one in their environment to learn about their likes, dislikes, routines and needs. This assessment allows us to match our caregiver or team for consistency and continuity of care. 

As you consider in-home care options for your loved one living with Alzheimer’s, Here are some of the most common areas to explore how ElderCare 4 Families can help:

Emotional Care Support: Companionship, meaningful activities, conversation

Personal Care Support: Basic grooming, bathing, eating, dressing, walking, toileting

Household Care Support: Cooking and meal prepping, cleaning, laundry, shopping, home safety, pet care

Overall Health Care Needs: Medication management, physician’s appointments, exercising

We understand that for most aging seniors, staying at home is the main goal. When a few hours or around the clock  assistance with day-to-day tasks are necessary for a safe and fulfilling life at home, consider ElderCare 4 Families in Louisville, KY.

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Additional Elder Care Services

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Alzheimer and Dementia Care

Our Caregivers give your loved one the care and guidance for a healthy and safe life. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia involves an army of people. Whether you provide daily caregiving, participate in decision making, or simply care about a person with the disease — we have resources and Alzheimer's disease care tips to help.

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Specialized Care

At ElderCare 4 Families are staff and caregivers are trained to provide the level of assistance appropriate for a variety of diseases and medical issues you or a loved one may face. Our Care advisors tailor care plans to each unique situation through custom care plans.

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Respite Care

Reduce your stress, restore your energy and just get a little “me time” to take care of yourself. Our caregivers provide temporary relief for you as the primary caregiver, enabling you to take a much-needed break from the demands of caregiving a sick, aging, or disabled family member.

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One-on-One Care in Facilities

Often clients who live in senior living communities or facilities need and desire more individual care than a facility is equipped to offer. That's where ElderCare 4 Families Comes in! Our caregivers provide one on one care to seniors and people with compromised immune systems or chronic illnesses.

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Hospice Care

ElderCare 4 Families is the Top In-Home Hospice Care for Seniors and the Elderly.Our Caregivers Are Highly Trained, Compassionate & Committed to Deliver Exceptional Care. Our Hospice Care is fulfilling, quality care for those who are sick or terminally ill.

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Senior Advocate Concierge Service

At ElderCare 4 Families we are your Personal Senior Advocates, we are dedicated to assist you in whatever situation you may be dealing with. We offer senior concierge services, care planning,and transitions by acting as an extra set of eyes and ears to advocate for your loved one.

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ElderCare 4 Families is happy to help provide local  elder care to seniors you know wherever they call home. Complimentary assessments are offered with no obligation by Elder Care, Personalized care is offered from 1 hour up to 24//7. With over 40 years of elderly care experience in the Louisville KY. area, trust Elder Care to care for the seniors in your life. Call us at 502-244-8446 to start receiving Eldercare services in Louisville.