Companion Care Services  – Senior Companionship

Looking at scrapbooks, sharing stories about growing up, completing a puzzle, walking five laps around the house and watching an episode of the Golden Girls may be on the agenda today for Helen and her caregiver, Sandra. In addition, Helen and Sandra also have a purpose each day to give back to their church communities by making tie-knot blankets and scarfs. In the last year, they have made hundreds of beautiful blankets while working together to give back. While making these blankets, stories, laughter and feelings are shared. Sandra has transitions from just a caregiver to a caregiver that is also a friend and an extension of Helen’s family.

For Nancy and her caregiver Joyce, there is constant laughter in the home. Nancy, an ElderCare client with memory loss, will tell you that Joyce is many things to her – fitness instructor, chauffeur, cook, personal shopper, bather, housekeeper, her brain for recalling memories and who is who and most importantly her friend.

There are many aspects of companion care services . Eldercare 4 Families tries to match caregivers and their clients by skill set, personality, geography and availability. Let us schedule a complimentary assessment to meet you or your loved one so we can learn your likes, dislikes, hobbies and routines and add more laughter, purpose and compassion in your life.