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Frequently Asked Questions About Local In-Home Care

Because of the personalized nature of home care, there is not always a single answer for every question. Below are some general responses to some of the most commonly asked questions about local In-home care in the Louisville KY area.

How long does home care last?

Home care is personalized to each individual and family. ElderCare 4 Families has an in-home care client that has had care since 2004 while other clients may have just a few weeks while they rehabilitate.

Can you only get home care in a private residence?

Care is provided wherever you call home – a private residence, assisted living, memory care, rehab, or a skilled health care facility.

How do people pay for home care?

Most clients are private pay while some have resources to pay for their in home care. These resources include long term care insurance, Veteran’s benefits, Brain Injury Grants, Multiple Sclerosis Funds, KIPDA and other funding.

Who comes into my house to provide the senior care?

Professional, bonded, insured, and trained ElderCare 4 Families caregivers who have been annually trained, background checked, drug tested, and reviewed.

Why would somebody use home care?

Anyone needing a little or a lot of assistance can benefit from home care. Some of the services that clients receive include assistance with showering, dressing, toileting, grooming, cleaning house and laundry, connecting with activities, exercises and safety/supervision, assisting with medication, caring for pets, transporting to errands, appointments and outings and much more. Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and end of life care are also frequently using home care. Individuals with special needs often benefit from local home care.

Who benefits from in-home care?

The individual receiving care benefits directly from care. The client’s family both near and far also get the peace of mind that their loved one is well taken care of and is able to live at home safer, healthier and happier. Family members often love to simply visit their loved ones and spend quality time versus coming over to clean, cook or help with a shower.

How quickly can in-home care services begin?

In order to begin care, ElderCare 4 Families will assess the individual needing care to develop a plan of care which includes likes, dislikes, routines, medical history, personalities, level of need and other key components. These details uncovered during the assessment are key for matching the right caregiver or care team with the client for consistency. The assessment can often be conducted the same day with care beginning the same day or within a few days. The more advanced notice ElderCare 4 Families has, the better we can match the caregiver(s) and client for client satisfaction.

Where are ElderCare 4 Families elder care services available?

ElderCare 4 Families serves clients in their homes, their families’ homes, assisted living, memory care, rehab and health care facilities. Hospital care is also offered as needed.

What if I’m not living in my house? Can I still obtain your services?

Yes, you may have care wherever you call home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Caregivers


How are ElderCare 4 Families at Home caregivers selected?

ElderCare 4 Families carefully interviews, screens and tests all potential caregivers. Our nine step process goes beyond any licensing and certification requirements and gives us and families a peach of mind. Each caregiver has an annual background check, drug testing, motor vehicle record check, nurse aide & abuse registry, TB test, training and review.

Can I choose my caregiver?

Yes you may choose your caregiver but often ElderCare 4 Families can match an ongoing caregiver by skill set and personality for a successful match.

What happens in an emergency?

ElderCare 4 Families is available by phone 24/7 and will assist with any emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paying For In-Home Care


How Much Do Your In-Home Services Cost? 

Care costs are dependent on how long your care shift is and what the caregiver is doing to help. ElderCare 4 Families is happy to quote a pricing range on the phone after getting some additional information and can give you an exact price at the complimentary assessment.

How can I pay for long-term care?

 Some clients have saved for care and pay privately with cash while others have long term care insurance or other grants/resources to help pay for their care.

What is the cost comparison between moving into a facility and remaining home? 

Care at home is one caregiver taking care of you or your loved one. Care is personalized to what you need and how many hours you choose. The more hours you have the more care will cost. Home Care is definitely an affordable option.

Does Medicare cover in-home care? 

Medicare covers Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Nursing with a doctor’s orders. Non-medical home care is not covered by Medicare.

Does Medicaid cover in-home care? 

Medicaid Waiver programs may cover a small amount of care for an indigent patient.

Do veterans benefits cover in-home care?

 VA has several programs that cover some or all of the cost of home care for the veteran and/or their surviving spouse. ElderCare 4 Families is happy to discuss these resources with your or your loved one.